Coffee tour on the outskirts of Medellín

The tour includes transportation, lunch, insurance, and guiding.
Availability: very day during morning hours.


Brief Description

For many years Colombia has been one of the main producers of coffee, this tour focuses on highlighting what is involved in the whole process into a coffee bean. In addition, people will know the day to day of a colombian farmer, this way we seek to pay tribute to our ancestors and get people to know our wonderful traditions.

Besides, you don’t have to travel for hours to visit an authentic coffee farm. Only 45 minutes away from the city, you can learn everything related to a good cup of coffee: From planting to the preparation of one of the best coffees worldwide.

Likewise, you will discover our traditions, culture and history of our region, its values and its people: the arrieros.

Furthermore, this might be a great chance to experience the country in a different way, taking into account that the coffee and other products in this farm, are 100% organic. The coffee tour is led by a lovely couple who for many years, have been developing a brand that gathers the best features of coffee, also instructing people as to organic products, ecofriendly techniques to grow the bean and how to work the field preserving the environment. Nowadays the farm is exporting its products and the farmers have been to many countries sharing their knowledge.

¿What does the coffee tour include?
  • The tour includes lunch and snacks, as well as a good coffee tasting!
  • Guidance along with a local farmer
  • Insurance
  • Transportation (pick up & drop off at the place where you are staying)

Tourists can also (extracharge) do horseback riding.

¿What else should I know?
  • It takes in total 6 hours
  • It is better to wear pants and sunscreen

Immerse yourself into blooming gardens and placid waterfalls of Antioquia.

Feel free to text us through WhatsApp, where are flexible!

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