Comuna 8 La Sierra tour

Private transportation, guiding, and insurance.
Availability: 9:00 a.m monday to saturday

Estimated length: 4 to 5 hours.



¿What is this tour about?

Comuna 8 La Sierra tour focuses on having the experince to be immersed in a typical neighborhood in the city, exploring what we want to be known for: education, entrepreneurship, resilience as well as the aspects that made the city’s background complex and fragile.

Firstly, as tour guides we have the responsibility to reveal foreign people the side of the socio-economic and urban transformation the city has gone through, that way we seek to confront and get rid of the stigma “the most violent city in the world” and change it to one of the most innovative cities, which counts with one of the best public transportation systems, where its inhabitants, despite adversity, are resilient and happy, we get by.

We believe in sustainable tourism, and that is why we leave a percentage of what we make for different social projects aiming to improve the development in the neighborhood we are visiting, where we will have the opportunity to interact and meet the ones who make this experience possible.

Comuna 8 La sierra tour is not a tourist attraction; it is a guided experience.

WE DO NOT SUPPORT mass tourism, we only do tours from Mondays and Saturdays in the morning in private groups from 1 to 8 people.

To summarize:

  • Pick up and drop off included
  •  20-minute ride on the tram
  •  10-minute ride on the cable car
  • Coffee tour with a local family (1 and a half hours)
  • Guided visit across the neighborhood (20 minutes)
What can I expect from comuna 8 la sierra tour?

In short:

  • Guided tour from meeting point also with local guides from the community
  • It takes between 4 to 5 hours
  • Insurance included
  • Tickets for tram and cable car (roundtrip)
  • A percentage of this experience goes straight to the neighborhood

Finally, we believe in education and change, the tour aims to understand many decades of history, taking into account the community.

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