Pablo and comuna 13

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Escobar tour and comuna 13 

This is an informative and educational tour, we don’t glorify Pablo, we love history! Beyond visiting the iconic places in the Escobar tour, we focus on discussing different points of view on the country and the factors associated to drug trafficking. Our purpose is the understanding of such scourge and its impact in our country, and the process Medellín has gone through in order to become an innovative and safer city. We simply seek to understand the political, social and economic context of that time.

From the place where you are staying, we go to:

– The cemetery (where we will discuss on his family and the closest people)
– The memorial square (where we will talk a little about some versions and points of view around Pablo).
– The rooftop (where he died)
– Comuna 13 (the best way to finish the tour, by contrasting the context of our past with a renovated and developed city), here we will visit one of the neighborhoods that endorses the concept of Medellin, the city of opportunities, resilience and innovation.
If you already visited comuna 13, we can take you to the neighborhood built and donated by Pablo in the early 80’s

Discover the political, social, and economic context of drug trafficking in Colombia on an eye-opening tour. Learn about Pablo Escobar’s life, death, and impact. Visit Comuna 13 to see the inspiring transformation of what was once one of the most dangerous places in the world with a local guide.

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